What to Expect on the Day

Throughout the entire funeral process, we are committed to providing unwavering support and guidance, ensuring your peace of mind at every stage. This encompasses the funeral procession, funeral service,committal service, and wake. Our dedicated team will collaborate closely with you in the days leading up to the event, comprehending your preferences, aiding in selecting a fitting tribute, and fulfilling any final wishes you may have.

On the actual day of the funeral, our Funeral Directors will oversee all necessary preparations to guarantee a seamless and punctual service. Our fleet of limousines will transport your family and friends to the venue, while your cherished one will be meticulously cared foraccording to your instructions before being transferred to one of our top-tier hearses. Any chosen floral tributes, flowers, or portraits can also be delicately placed within the hearse.

During the funeral procession, which typically commences from the residence of the departed, our Funeral Directors will diligently inspect all routes and ensure an ample number of pallbearers to convey the casket respectfully to the church, crematorium, or graveside. Should you have any specific requests, such as a preferred route or pauses at meaningful landmarks, we will make every effort to accommodate them.

Upon arrival at the church or crematorium, your Funeral Director will have executed all the arrangements, including any requested musical selections and order of service sheets. They will collaborate with the service conductor and chapel attendants to orchestrate a seamless experience. The Funeral Director will usher you and your guests into the venue, ensuring everyone is seated before proceeding with the funeral service. If you have opted for a committal service at the same or a different location, contingent upon the choice of burial or cremation, the Funeral Director will be on hand to offer guidance to you and your guests.

We can supply you with a list of nearby venues for a post-service gathering or reception and will accompany you to your chosen location.

In the days following the funeral, we will reach out to you to ensure that everything transpired smoothly. We can provide counsel on collecting the ashes and selecting an appropriate memorial, as well as aid in arranging for the return or placement of flowers and wreaths.